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Disability Insurance

What happens if your income is no longer there?

You and your family depend on your Earnings for food, clothing and a home. In fact, just about everything you have or hope to have in the future depends on your income.

What happens if your income is no longer there or is drastically reduced because of an injury or sickness?

How will you meet your normal living expenses plus pay for possible added medical expense? Even if you eliminate some of the less crucial expenditures such as entertainment, recreation, savings plans and even education, you are still faced with the continual need to provide a home, food, clothing...

Where will this money come from?

  • Savings?
  • Loans?
  • Social Security Benefits?

Are these realistic solutions?

  • Social Security Benefits usually are difficult to qualify for. And, oftentimes, the amount you receive is not enough to meet your needs.
  • Most lending institutions want concrete evidence that you would have the ability to make prompt and timely repayment on any loans.
  • If you were unable to work for an extended period of time, how long would your savings last?
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